Radio: The Future is Now

I’ve never really been a big fan of the radio. Ever since I started “liking” music I’ve been drawn to controlling what I listen to. First I’d listen to CD’s or the occasional tape, then I got an iPod and completely forgot that physical media existed. However, my friends that do enjoy the uncertainty of not knowing what song is next (not counting shuffle) raved about NPR. For years and years I’d hear their praise until I finally decided to give it a try, VIA THE IPAD.


Opening cinematics impress me

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Cat Takes on Humans on an iPad Game and is UNDEFEATED!

“It’s one thing to lose a game to a friend or online opponent, but can your ego handle being trounced by your cat?”

Cat ready for a game of You Vs Cat

Cat food brand FRISKIES has been creating such a huge buzz about their new iPad game called ‘You vs. Cat‘ that will be available for free download starting next week. This is the first Multi-Species game ever created ! According to an article posted on, “Early research shows that Cats are better at it [iPad Games] than us.” Sounds Ridiculous? Well, check it out for yourself! For the full article click here !

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PZIZZ Energizer: The best nap of your life.

Around this time of the quarter (week 10, hell week, finals week), sleep deprivation reaches its highest levels. Do yourself a favor and embrace a lifestyle that involves power naps. Personally, I have been napping my entire life but PZIZZ Energizer has totally improved the way I re-energize.

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Rage Comics on your phone!

Hey everyone!

If you are as addicted to the internet as I am you will enjoy the Rage Comics app that I have just downloaded. To be honest this is the best time killing app to find great rage comics around.

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Where’s my Water?

Is there anything that Disney can’t do? When I think of Disney, two words come to mind: Fun and Entertaining. ‘Where’s my Water’ definitely lives up to this expectation. When I first noticed that this app was created by Disney, I thought ” Aw man, this game is going to be way easy” because I though it was made for younger children. Boy, was I wrong! This game hones your strategy and problem solving skills as the possibilities to win the game are endless! Read More…

Zombie Parkour Runner: Tap to survive

The other day I wanted to find a new game to play, and it had to be a side scrolling platformer. I happened upon this wonderful app, Zombie Parkour Runner, a game where you follow Kara as she fights zombies in search for her stolen possessions. What is there not to like? This game has action, parkour and ZOMBIES!

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First world problem: APP OVERLOAD!

There are TONS of new apps that are developed everyday and we now have such a large selection that most don’t even know where to begin to find a new app. Ever have that desire to find a new, fun, addictive app but don’t know what to even search?! is a new app that helps sort out apps and give you top choices to choose. Read the rest of the article written by Digital Trends to learn more about this cool app!